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Window to A New World by Caybeach Photography
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The sun dips under the horizon
Casting an orange shadow
Setting the world aflame


She was a known
In a world of unknowns
A familiarity
In a world of uncertainty

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He turns to me
And tells me
“I love you”

To everyone else
It’s terribly romantic and sweet

(It wasn’t slurred from alcohol when they heard it)

To me
It’s a shock
And a disappointment

(He doesn’t know what he’s saying)

He leans closer
And tells me again
“I do, I love you”

(I don’t believe you)

I nod my head
Hoping he’ll drop it
And turn my head to look out the window
Trying to forget
If only for a moment
Those three words
And the stench of alcohol

(Source: caybeachphotography)


So close
Yet so far away
Time passes slowly
Day by day

Hour by hour
I wait for the moment
When I can finally say
I’m where I want to be

(Source: caybeachphotography)

Always In Our Hearts

When you left,
No one knew what to do.

We cried,
We hugged,
We comforted,
We tried to be strong.
For ourselves,
For each other,
For you.

We all knew,
It would never be the same,
We knew life had changed forever.

Even with all the tears,
We got through the pain and sadness. 
Knowing you’re in a better place,
You’re no longer suffering.
And knowing that,
We’ll always miss you,
But you’ll always be with us,
We’ll always love you,
And you’ll always be in our hearts.

(Source: caybeachphotography)

Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox
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Don’t Cry Little One

Don’t cry little one
Dry your eyes
You’re only hurting yourself
That shouldn’t come as a surprise

No one can help you
It’s all in your hands
Only you can control your happiness
So stop making demands

Don’t cry little one
Wipe away your tears
Be confident in who you are
And face your fears

Let it all go
Accept it as it is
And you may find
A sense of bliss

(Source: caybeachphotography)