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Window to A New World by Caybeach Photography
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The sun dips under the horizon
Casting an orange shadow
Setting the world aflame


She was a known
In a world of unknowns
A familiarity
In a world of uncertainty

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He turns to me
And tells me
“I love you”

To everyone else
It’s terribly romantic and sweet

(It wasn’t slurred from alcohol when they heard it)

To me
It’s a shock
And a disappointment

(He doesn’t know what he’s saying)

He leans closer
And tells me again
“I do, I love you”

(I don’t believe you)

I nod my head
Hoping he’ll drop it
And turn my head to look out the window
Trying to forget
If only for a moment
Those three words
And the stench of alcohol

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So close
Yet so far away
Time passes slowly
Day by day

Hour by hour
I wait for the moment
When I can finally say
I’m where I want to be

(Source: caybeachphotography)